Rick in Holiday World

Rick in Holiday World

Santa Claus, IN


The HoliDazzles "A Great Show for Kids!"

The HoliDazzles Show for Kids


The Alamo Restaurante

The Alamo Restaurante

Photo taken by Rick J. Morris


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Holiday World

Thursday August 7, 2008

On Thursday August 7, 2008, I went to Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN. This is in Southern Indiana by Kentucky. My favorite roller coaster is The Legend. It is based off the Halloween Character the Headless Horseman. I also rode the Voyager and the Raven. The Raven and Legend are in Halloween Land. The Voyager is in Thanksgiving Land which is fairly new.

Something new this year for kids is the HoliDazzles Show. Each character represented a theme in one of the parks. Boo represented Halloween Land. Berry the Elf represented Christmas. Sparkle represented 4th of July Land. There were also Thanksgiving and Splashin' Safari. I thought Sparkle looked more Christmas to me. I would have probably liked to have seen Uncle Sam or Miss Liberty up there instead. I guess Sparkle represents fireworks and then in turn that relates to Independence Day. It was a cute show for children. It was about Boo being afraid of things sense he is from Halloween Land and his friends help him to realize that there is nothing to be afraid of and that everything is going to be ok. I enjoyed seeing the kids sing and dance along with the characters.

One thing I like about the park is that it has free unlimited soft drinks. There is also free sun-screen. The food is pretty reasonable. I spent about $5.00 on lunch at the Alamo. It is located in 4th of July Land. I got a Taco Salad. It was good.

For dinner I tried out the new Plymouth Rock Cafe in Thanksgiving Land and really liked it. The only thing is I wish that you could eat inside like you can with the Kringle Place in Christmas Land.

When you first come in there is a famous Santa Claus statue that has been there ever sense the park opened. I got to meet the real life Santa Claus! He was taking a break and I asked him if he wouldn't mind getting his picture taken with me. He said yes! We both said Candy Canes. He said he was really proud of me.

We didn't go to Splashin' Safari, but I have been there in the past. It is really cool. Instead, we rode Raging Rapids In Boulder Canyon and the Frightful Falls or the Log ride. I had a blast!

We stayed at Lincoln State Park. We went camping. With Motel rates being as high as they are today I recommend going camping as an alternative. It only cost us $17 for the first night and $25 for the second.

Holiday World is located in Santa Claus, Indiana. Go to their website for more details holidayworld.com