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If you are looking for some good wholesome country cooking like grandma use to make I recommend Cracker Barrel. It is a good place to eat for breakfast. The atmosphere sends me back to a much simpler time. It reminds me of an old general store during the pioneer days. I enjoy looking at all the crafts and things before or after my meal. They have a lot of cute seasonal items. If you are looking for a cute gift for someone that is out of the ordinary it is here. For breakfast I usually get the Mamma's Pancake Breakfast with fruit topping and whipped cream. I like the Marion Black Berries. When they are in season I love the strawberry topping the best. For Lunch and Dinner you get all the biscuits and cornbread you want to eat. I usually eat every last drop. The food has such a good flavor to it. I usually get the chicken and dumplings with the three sides. The carrots taste like candy. The mash potatoes are really fluffy. The prices are about the same as any where else but the food and atmosphere is what I like most about the place.

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