Rick celebrating his 20th Birthday in 1999

Rick celebrating his 20th Birthday

The Year was 1999

In 1999, I turned 20 years old. Up until this point my mom had a birthday theme for me every single year. This year it was Coca-Cola.

At this time I thought I wanted to go into Visual Communications at the Herron School of Art. We worked on many projects using QuarkXPress. It is a computer program for detailed layouts. This was my first introduction to Adobe Photoshop. I remember we made our own virtual Mr. Potato Heads. We cut out a Potato off of one photograph, a couple of eye balls off another, a mouth, hands, feet, etc. until we were all done. We studied the printing process and how it works. Often times the colors you see on your computer monitor is not what will be printed out on paper. Believe it or not to store our projects we used a zip drive. I took 4 classes in the Spring, 2 classes during the summer and 4 classes in the fall.