Rick J. Morris going for an interview

Rick J. Morris going for an interview
Wednesday August 23, 2006

The Year was 2006

In 1996, I decided to go for a Masters Degree in New Media. My site underwent a few changes for a review. I was accepted and entered the Masters Program in New Media.

My Internship Advisor and I decided that this was my chance to build up some working experience. My first Masters Degree college course was N505. I did an Internship for IHETS during the summer of 2006.

Along the way I did some freelancing. I did some project work for a company called LTS (Litigation Technology Solutions). I ended up using it for my N500 class for my solo project. I took that class during the fall. I designed their logo and a brochure. I did a presentation on it for class. I also designed a banner for PhotosThatAttract.com. It was originally meant to be placed on MySpace, but it never got used. It does however make a nice portfolio piece.

By Halloween, I went for an interview for the Computer Science Webmaster position at my school. I got the job! I was in charge of updating their website. There were plans in the making to create a new website both for the Computer Science Dept. and the School of Science.