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Rick at Zoo Boo (Indianapolis, IN)

Saturday October 27, 2007

The Year was 2007

In 2007, marked the 10th Anniversary of me going to college. I was working for the Computer Science Dept. as their webmaster person. I continued with the Masters Program in New Media.

For the Spring I took a class in video (N501). I worked with Isabel Melotti and Daniel from Brazil. We worked well together. It was almost like a second family. Many times we went to Isabel's house for a video shoot. I really liked working in a group. I think we learned a lot from each other.

By May of 2007 my Internship ended. It only lasted for two semesters. I had the privalege of creating and updating both the Computer Science and School of Science Websites. I worked with Scott Orr and Brenda Bishop.

For the Fall I took a class in 3D Animation (N502) with Clint Koch. We worked with a Computer Program called Maya. It quickly became an overwelming experience. I had worked in 3D Animation before using 3D Max, but I had never worked in Maya before. I spent many hours working on my final project.