JavaJam Coffee House

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Chapter 11

Web Multimedia and Interactivity

Website Case Study JavaJam Coffee House P.449

In this exercise I used the skills I learned from Chapter 11 and then applied those skills to the JavaJam Coffee House Website. Files were transfered over from Chapter 9 and then modified accordingly.

The assignment was to add a background sound to the Home page (index.html). It suggests to modify the background sound so that it will play continuously, but I find that to be annoying. So I made the background sound only play once when uploaded.

The second part is to replace the javalogo.gif file with a flash animated banner called javalogo.swf on each page. I simply edited the code that was given in this chapter and then linked it to the javalogo.swf file.

As a bonus I thought it would be cool to add a picture of a cappuccino machine with a sound bar to the left of the picture. When users hit the play button it makes a real working cappuccino machine noise.