JavaJam Coffee House: Book's Version

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JavaJam Coffee House: My Version

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If you look above you will find two examples that I have completed for this exercise. The first one is the book's version and the second one is my version. Both styles have basically the same information. The only thing that has changed is their CSS external style sheets. I did add a header 2 to my version for clarity.


Chapter 3

Configuring Color and Text with CSS

Website Case Study
JavaJam Coffee House
P. 111

In this exercise I am to create a small website for a phony company called JavaJam Coffee House.

The book gave me specifications on how to create an external CSS layout sheet. It also gave me information that it wanted me to place on the homepage and menu page. To make sure there were not any broken links I made a page for music and jobs. I just wrote a little bit of text there saying that page was under construction. Now the book did not tell me to do this, but I always think it is nice that way so you don't have any broken links.

For the book's version I like how they matched the colors that remind you of coffee. They went with colors such as browns, blacks, yellows, etc. In my version I went with my own colors. I went with a blue monochromatic color scheme. I practiced color blend by trying to match the colors of the website to the inside of the book. I also used another color picker website to help me determine what colors I should use. For centering the content I refered back to Hands On Practice 3.8.