Fish Creek Animal Hospital

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Fish Creek Animal Hospital Logo

Fish Creek Animal Hospital Logo

The following exercise is a continuation from Chapter 3's Fish Creek Animal Hospital exercise. The files have been transferred over and then modified accordingly.

Chapter 4

Visual Elements and Graphics

Website Case Study Fish Creek P.158

This exercise is very similar to the JavaJam Coffee House exercise.

The first thing I did was gather up all the graphics and then I placed them in my fish creek folder.

I replaced the Fish Creek Title with the Fish Creek Logo. I did the same for the links Home, Services, Ask the Vet and Contact.

I used the Services page as a guide line to produce the Ask the Vet page. I added the content in as needed. I used the definition list code for the question and answer.

Then I edited the CSS Style Sheet. I replaced 80 percent with 700 pixels. I modified the h1 tag by replacing the content with a new rule for centering.

text-align: center

I placed the same command line for the imgnav class.

I configured the img selector not to display a border when a link has been applied to it.