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Hands On Practice 8.2

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Chapter 8


Hands On Practice 8.2 P.311

In this exercise I learned about common table attributes. These would include align, border, bordercolor, width, height, cellspacing, cellpadding, bgcolor, summary, and title.

Figure 8.12 on the Birthday List page shows how you can align information within the table itself. To center the information, for example, to center the dates under column labeled Birthday you would use the following code.

<td align="center">

Figure 8.13 on the Birthday List page shows how you can use the bgcolor attribute to make a background color for a certain section of your table. The repeating color makes the table more readable. To achieve this goal simply use the following code below.

<tr bgcolor="CCCCCC">

For the Trillium Media Design website I centered the table on the services page. I did this by using the code align="center". I configured the width of the table to 75%. I set up the cellpadding to be five (5) and the cellspacing to be zero (0).

<table border="1" width="75%" align="center" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" ...