N510 Final Project

N510 Project

N510 Final Project Instructions

These were the instructions given to us on-line. We had no help at all. It was to our own interpretation on what these instructions really meant.

Download the data from the attachment. Based on this data, you must:

  • Create and populate a relation database. Use indexing! Don't forget to submit your database schema at the end of the project.
  • Build a web-database application for users to find out about:
    1. Vote Percentage, by Party, by Election, by District
    2. Vote Percentage, by Party, by Election
    3. Effective Number of Political Parties, by Election (the formula will be given in class)
  • Users will have the ability to select any subset of the countries and any subset of years.
  • Provide a functionality to export the result on a text file for users to download.
  • Everything will be graded. Design, functionality, usability, database, etc. Everything!

Look at the data to get a deep understanding about the project. There will be a speaker coming tomorrow during the class session to explain this project in detail and answer all questions that you might have.